Toddler Curriculum
(ages 20 months to three years)

In our toddler environment we strive to create an atmosphere where each child feels secure, comfortable and loved. It is the child’s home away from home. It is our ultimate goal to assist the development of each child to become stronger; emotionally, physically, socially and thereby nurture an independent member of society.This is achieved through an introduction of a number of hands-on activities in our prepared Environment that is separated into learning areas; Sensorial, Practical Life, Cultural, Maths, Art, Lifeskills and Language, Sports, Music, Computers. The children within our toddler environment gain a superior advantage, in that they are exposed to many social skills, ie. taking turns, respect for others, working within groups and most importantly learning how to treat people with appropriate manners and respect. A number of activities from the Pre-School have been put into place within the toddler environment. This assists with the preparation for a move into the Pre-School environment at a later stage.It is our duty as Directresses to ensure that each individual child is happy, content and clean, as we have high regard for hygiene within the environment.