HMS Offering

HillKruin Montessori School seeks to enroll enthusiastic learners between the ages of 20 months and Grade Seven. Admission is based on a family’s commitment to the Montessori program and the learners readiness, as demonstrated during the admissions process. Interested parents are welcome and encouraged to make an appointment with the admissions office to schedule a walkabout and learn more about our admissions procedures. Walkabouts can be scheduled by contacting the admissions office at 087 941 4737 or Email>


You are required to book an assessment with the relevant Directress in the environment.

The assessment period is one week,minimum three days after which the relevant Directress will arrange a meeting with you.

NB. If more time than this is required this will be communicated to you.

An indemnity form for the assessment period needs to be filled out.(NB: No cost is attached to the assessment.)

All relevant documentation with regard to special or external assessments ie. Social, emotional, academic needs to be furnished at this time.

Please submit details/school report of previous school.


TODDLER’S :    12H30

PRE-SCHOOL :    12H30




An after care facility is offered on the school premises from 12H00 till 17H30, Monday to Friday. A small snack ie. Biscuits, yoghurt, fruit or juice will be provided on arrival.  Please ensure that you pack an aftercare lunch box for your little one. This will be served at 14H30.  A variety of activities are available to keep the little ones occupied. Homework will be supervised for the older learners.  Daily or monthly options are available.


School T-Shirt, Jeans or three quarter jeans/ navy Shorts, Navy Blue jacket or jumpers.

Children will not be allowed into school without the proper uniform.


Navy Blue Shorts, School T-Shirt, Navy Blue Track suit, Sports Shoes


HillKruin Montessori is a 3-term school and follows the Independent Schools Calendar Provide a healthy lunch pack for your child.(No sweets or fizzy drinks allowed.)

A list of Extra-murals is available at school. The school merely facilitates the venue for these. All arrangements, queries and payments to be made directly with/ to the service provider.